Topic 5 Managing your Stress - Caryn Walsh

Managing your Stress in a Challenging World as a Woman

Almost a year in creation, the 9 stage Be Unstoppable Program has been carefully written and designed to take women everywhere on a journey of self-discovery to gain confidence, believe in themselves and live happy, empowered lives.

This post looks at Stress as a Woman, and what to do about it

Bearers of children, nurturers of the family and the nation.  Women today do it all.  Raise the children, keep the home going, work, taxi little people around and look after ageing parents.  The world never stops for women, and often it costs us.  Big time. And unless we learn to put more value on ourselves, it will continue to affect us negatively.  This topic looks at how to manage our stress, well.

The Be Unstoppable Program has been written for all women, no matter where you are to help you take control of your life, feel more confident about you and gives you ways to become resilient, manage stress well and communicate more assertively.

The Be Unstoppable Program has been written for you. If not for you, then your daughter, sister, friend, mother, aunt.