Topic 6 Communicating Assertively - Caryn Walsh

Communicating Assertively and with Confidence as a Woman

Almost a year in creation, the 9 stage Be Unstoppable Program has been carefully written and designed to take women everywhere on a journey of self-discovery to gain confidence, believe in themselves and live happy, empowered lives.

This post looks at Communicating Assertively and Confidently as a Woman

Many women are passive in conflict and don’t necessarily communicate their needs well to others.  They walk away from an issue feeling frustrated that they did not ‘have their say’ and feel I should have ‘found my voice.’  Often, we women don’t know how to be assertive and what that means.  This topic looks at all these issues, with a focus on standing your ground and being assertive in a calm and collective way.

The Be Unstoppable Program has been written for all women, no matter where you are to help you take control of your life, feel more confident about you and gives you ways to become resilient, manage stress well and communicate more assertively.

The Be Unstoppable Program has been written for you. If not for you, then your daughter, sister, friend, mother, aunt.