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Women’s Development (Training) Programs - All Programs can be customized and delivered in-house for you!

We offer 1 and 2 day programs for Women every quarter. Check our Calendar on the Homepage and book your place now! 


1 day Programs


Power Up! Become Personally Empowered by getting into the Driver Seat of your Life and take charge! This popular program explores many aspects of empowering Women, teaching participants how to drive their lives forward and learn to claim their power through a range of different strategies including self-worth, life scripts, resilience, building self-esteem and positive role modelling, to name a few.

Bounce Back! – Unlock your potential as a Woman, reduce stress and learn real resilience to come out on Top!

2 day Programs


Say what you mean and mean what you say – 8 key skills to communicate assertively as a Woman.

Emotional Intelligence as a Woman! – The  fundamental skills to help you keep your cool.

Courageous Conversations as a Woman – This one-day interactive Program helps women learn assertive communication and deal with difficult conversations and situations calmly and with clarity. Listening, empathy, being assertive, looking for solutions to problems and being optimistic are some topics in this Program.

Resolving Conflict Effectively as a Woman – Key conflict resolution strategies are explored to help participants resolve conflict well. We spend time practicing and understanding key conflict resolution skills such as listening and empathy, and unpack a range of different ways to help you walk away with a win-win outcome every time.