How to Build Self-Confidence

Every day, I see or work with an army of women who struggle with confidence.  In so many ways.  From the basics of trying on a new dress in front of a shop assistant and going for an interview, to … Continued

From the Basement to the Boardroom

As more families move towards a dual income to make ends meet and with more women entering the workforce, we like to believe there is more opportunity for women, at all levels in business, to  reach their full potential and … Continued

Women make Impact!

Women play a significant role in creating a more just and compassionate society and have a role to play in helping steer the world out of its modern day complexities and multi-layered complications. We need to stand up and be … Continued

Empowering Women to Become Successful in Business

We’re living in a very different world we lived in even as recently as five years ago. International poverty, terrorism, violence and widespread discontent face us daily. There is much focus on reducing the horror of domestic violence, and attempting … Continued

The World will be saved by Women

The Dalai Lama said ‘the world will be saved by Women.’  Our new way of life requires so much of women today. We are mother, wife, manager, educator, friend, taxi driver, counsellor, mentor, daughter, coach, sister, neighbour, leader and cook … Continued