5. Communicating Assertively and with Confidence - Caryn Walsh

Communicating Assertively and with Confidence

One of the biggest challenges women face at work is backing themselves.  Communicating effectively.   Feeling confident about their skills, abilities and the decisions they make. Without it, having a lack of  confidence affects everything we do, say and think.

Having worked with, and developed, countless women around the world for over 25 years, I know the communication challenges many females have at work (and in leadership) that block them from being heard, appreciated, valued and promoted. They need to learn how to use effective communication strategies to get their point across and try out a range of communication techniques that will help them do that.

I’ve observed that professional women often experience significant challenges in communicating effectively and powerfully and with command and authority, particularly when other desired outcomes (such as preserving relationships, ensuring equality and connection, defusing conflict, etc.) might be at risk.

Kathy Caprino

In an age of significant gender inequality in all forms (unequal pay, few leadership prospects and Board positions are a few examples) we need, as women, to have strong interpersonal skills, learn to speak up assertively and appropriately, make ourselves heard and get our point across. This is key if women, at any level at work, want to thrive in their careers over time and enjoy great relationships and success as they move up the line.

What we’ll show you and discuss (outcomes) in this Program:

  • Identifying what effective and assertive communication is in the workplace?
  • Ways to identify barriers to communication at women
  • Types of communication and how to use them effectively at work
  • Identify types of ‘difficult behaviour’ and people in the workplace and strategies to deal with it/them
  • 7 Key skills to communicate effectively as a Woman at work – including how to be assertive, active listening and staying in control
  • Discuss emotional intelligence as part of communication and why it’s important for women at work
  • How to speak like a star

Effective communication is not a not a ‘nice-to’ have.  It’s a ‘must-have’ so the sooner you learn how to communicate assertively and with confidence, the easier your relationships will be and getting things done.  And making impact.

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