6. Having Courageous Conversations to Deal with Difficult People - Caryn Walsh

Having Courageous Conversations
to Deal with Difficult People

Dealing with rude, aggressive and difficult people is challenging at the best of times and when you have a crazy person standing in front of you who is rude or insulting, it can be daunting even for the most seasoned expert.

For women, standing up for ourselves and backing ourselves is something we don’t all do well.  In a team meeting we don’t necessarily act in an assertive way against the workplace bully who is rude to us, we may allow the rude boss to speak to us badly and generally, we don’t want to ‘upset the apple-cart.’

A courageous conversation is one we don’t want to have usually. It’s the one we dread because it means that things between you and the other is not right and has to be fixed.  We may have to tell them some unpleasant untruths (or get them ourselves) and it can be hard.

Your ability to speak about issues that wear you down is crucial to your success at work in life

Maggie Warrell

Courageous Conversations arise in different ways. Communicating effectively must be a key part of these conversations by you learning how to be assertive. We know that we need to confront others who are rude or difficult— but we also know that we are taking a risk. A big risk. Who knows what the reaction may be and if the outcome will be peaceful or not?

Having strong interpersonal skills is critical to women at all levels of business.

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Be brave enough to start a difficult conversation that matters

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