How to Build Self-Confidence and be Empowered (Part 2)

Why is self-confidence important for women?

I have worked with women of all ages, in all life stages and at different career levels. And there is one common thread that connects us all and impacts our personal growth – we remain unaware of, or undervalue, our own true abilities. This is a real issue for women, because we are already fighting the battle for equality – in our homes, in our jobs, in leadership and business and in society.

So many women don’t achieve what they could or should because of their own self-limiting beliefs about things they can’t do.  If you believe you can, you will.  But in the first instance you don’t believe you are capable, have the ability or can achieve something, then you most certainly won’t.  Weight loss is an example. If you don’t believe you will lose those 10kg you have stacked on over the last year, you won’t even try.  The weight remains.  You must believe you can, and will, so give life a try.

Statistics about women’s self-confidence

In light of gender inequality and even the rise of the #MeToo movement, these stats show us how far we have to go as women to increase our self-confidence, speak up and improve our ability to be empowered.

Self-Confidence and Self-Image

  • Latest research found that only 4% of women worldwide consider themselves ‘beautiful’.
  • Over half of women agree that they’re their own worst beauty critic.
  • By the time girls reach the age of 17, 78%are ‘unhappy with how they look.’
  • 47% of girls aged 11-14 refuse to take part in activities that show their bodies in any way.

Learn more about women’s empowerment and building confidence here:

Self-Confidence in the Workplace

  • Women’s confidence declines (yes, declines) with experience – 27% of new female employees are confident they can reach top management but this drops to 13% in experienced female employees.
  • 67% of women said they need more support building confidence to feel like they can be leaders
  • Women lack the confidence to pursue a job opportunity beyond their experience (73%)
  • 65% of women are uncomfortable to ask for a promotion
  • 61% of women don’t have the self-confidence to ask for a raise
  • 56% of women don’t have the self-confidence to ask for a new role or position (56%).


If we don’t, who will?

The real issue here is that if we don’t learn to value ourselves, to see what we bring to our workplace, our lives and to others, who is going to do that for us?

Building self-confidence and becoming empowered is an individual journey.  It is ours alone and nobody can do it for us.

The Dalai Lama once said ‘the world will be saved by women.’

Never a truer statement has been said. Learn to love yourself, build your self-confidence and know that you are an amazing woman with so many great things about you.

In short, the world is lucky to have you.

Now go out and do it!

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