1. Leading with Impact as a Woman - Caryn Walsh

Leading with Impact as a Woman

Leading others well is a skill and once developed over time, makes a huge difference in the progress and development and achievement of goals of teams and Organisations world-wide.

As women, we face many different challenges in leadership, including gender bias and gender inequality, a lack of training and development to lead well and the absence of confidence and self-belief - all-important in leading well.

In the past several years, research has shown that the increase of women in leadership is helping businesses thrive in unprecedented ways.

Women are good leaders and run more profitable Organisations than their male counterparts.

According to experts, the longer we take to close employment gender gaps, the longer that trillions of dollars - and our country’s future workforce -- will be left in doubt.

Source:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/janetwburns/2017/09/22/2016-proved-women-are-great-for-business-yet-still-being-pushed-out

But as women leaders, or those aspiring to lead, we need to do more, much more.

In this exciting one-day Program, we give you foundational concepts and strategies to really know how to motivate and influence others with impact as a female leader.

Some of the things we look at:

  • The difference between leading and managing as a female leader
  • Key leadership concepts that will set you apart from the rest
  • Strategies to create a highly performing team and make sure your team continues to kick goals and achieve
  • How teams evolve and continue moving your teams towards top performance
  • How to deal with all personality types in your team or Organisation
  • Key skills and tools to continue growing your team and Organisation
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