9. Negotiating Effectively - Caryn Walsh

Negotiating Effectively

Some of us do this well, but mostly as women we struggle to negotiate for what we want and need.

Why?  Because for so many of us we see our roles as the nurturers, carers and providers of everything about love and support for our families, friends and colleagues at work.

I’m aware it’s a generalisation but as women we often let others get their needs met whilst ours are not.

Men tend to achieve better economic results in negotiation than women, negotiation research studies have found overall. Research suggests that 20% of women never negotiate at all. A woman who opts not to negotiate her starting salary upon graduation will forgo an average of $7,000 the first year, and will lose between $650,000 and $1 million over the course of a 45-year career. Why would women leave money on the table?

Source:  https://hbr.org/2018/08/how-women-can-get-what-they-want-in-a-negotiation

At work, we don’t tend to stand up for what we want or ask for more money, for example, although we deserve it and should feel comfortable negotiating what we need and deserve. As women, we have to appreciate our worth and value our contribution in all areas of our lives.  We are important, our needs do matter and we need to negotiate for positive outcomes for ourselves.

Let us never negotiate out of fear.  But let us never fear to negotiate

John F. Kennedy

Some of the topics we discuss (outcomes):

  • What is negotiation?
  • What skills women need in negotiation to reach win-win?
  • Using key principles in negotiation
  • Opening, moving and closing the deal
  • Preparation and setting goals
  • 7 key skills to use in negotiation
  • Dealing with difficult issues
  • Different ways to keep the negotiation moving forward

Negotiating well is a key skill for women to have at home and in business and the more we negotiate daily challenges in our lives and get what we need and want, the better off we will be.

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