3. Personal and Professional Empowerment - Caryn Walsh

Personal and Professional Empowerment

Becoming powerful in our own lives.  Taking control of what we do and how and making intelligent decisions that affect our lives positively.  This is empowerment.

Many women struggle in their personal and professional lives because they feel others are in the drivers seat of their life care and it impacts on how they feel about themselves, their self-esteem and their sense of self-worth.

This topic is particularly close to my heart.  Empowering women. Whilst there are Organisations upskilling women to take more active leadership roles, there are millions of other women down the line (not in leadership roles) who have not had the chance to become more empowered, to learn how to use their voice and contribute in more meaningful ways to businesses and profitable outcomes.

Globally, women are paid less than men. Women in most countries earn on average only 60 to 75 per cent of men’s wages. Contributing factors include the fact that women are more likely to be wage workers and unpaid family workers; women are more likely to engage in low-productivity activities and to work in the informal sector with less mobility to the formal sector than men; the view of women as economic dependents and the likelihood that women are in unorganized sectors or not represented in unions 

Source: http://www.unwomen.org/en/what-we-do/economic-empowerment/facts-and-figures

Our struggle to be powerful and in control of our lives as women often impacts our work. We often find it hard to:

  • Be confident in our role, even in senior positions
  • Be comfortable to make good decisions and not second-guess themselves
  • Be assertive and stand up for themselves
  • Back ourselves and hold our ground
  • Involve ourselves more confidently in business meetings and forums where our opinion counts

In this interactive and practical 1-day Program, we share a range of strategies and techniques with you to help you improve your Personal and Professional empowerment by introducing:

  • What Personal and Professional really means in your life
  • How to assess the current level of empowerment you have in your life
  • Barriers or blocks to your personal empowerment
  • Strategies and techniques to become more empowered
  • How to empower your people and teams at work by giving them key resources to thrive


Here’s to strong women

May we know them

May we raise them

May we be them

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