2. ‘Top Teams’ Building High Performance Teams as a Leader - Caryn Walsh

‘Top Teams’

Building High Performance Teams as a Leader

All businesses aim to have highly performing teams throughout their ranks so they can achieve their Organisational and Departmental goals.  This makes the difference between those that thrive and those that struggle.   Yours is the same.

Building teams and team development Programs often result in high performance.

High performing teams are made up of focused, skilled and aligned employees, all working together, in a collaborative way, to kick their goals and get the job done in the most expedient way.

Team transformation comes about through systematic development of building people in teams as part of an overall workforce management strategy.

In this popular 1-day Program we teach you foundation skills and strategies to achieve a high-performance team culture, ensuring your team is successful now and in the future.

What sets apart high-performance teams is the degree of commitment, particularly how deeply committed the members are to one another.

Jon Katzenbach

Some of the things we will teach you (outcomes):

Using a range of tools and strategies, we teach you how to:

  • Define and create a highly performing team
  • Assess the difference between high and low performance teams – and identify where yours is
  • Work out key areas for improvement that your team needs
  • Implement the characteristics of high performing teams in your Organisation
  • Design strategies and action plans to move towards high performance

Business Success is determined by the quality of your Teams

Research is clear.  The more highly performing your teams are, the better your business outcomes and overall achievement of goals.

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