Caryn Walsh

Hi there

I’m Caryn Walsh and it’s great to meet you. It’s always wonderful to meet new and caring women who want to make a difference in the lives of others – and their own.

I wear a few hats. I am a psychologist, specialist in leadership and people development, business advisor, international motivational speaker, executive coach and I’m passionate about women. I’ve been by their side for years!

I work internationally on 3 continents and I have been with, coaching, training and guiding women for over 3 decades.

I work extensively in Organisations, across all sectors, helping leaders at all levels create and sustain highly performing teams, coaching CEO’s and senior leaders and women at all levels in Organisations. Which is why I know where they struggle and strategies to help them grow in themselves and their roles.

I was thrilled when one of the CEO’s I coached in 2016 (a woman!) was awarded the 2017 Australian CEO of the Year. Such an achievement. We women have so much to offer and don’t always know it.
Let’s work together, to build the sisterhood, growing women at all levels of Organisations and society by giving them a helping hand up.

It’s time and I can’t wait to work with you.

A sneak peek into my background

  • I lectured in psychology at two leading Sydney Universities for more than 10 years
  • I ran a successful counselling practice for twenty years
  • I have worked with over 10 000 women in my career
  • I have consulted to more than 5000 Organisations in leadership and team development and women in business
  • I am a specialist in dealing with domestic violence
  • I write and deliver training programs around the world focusing on leadership, teams and empowering women and helping them THRIVE!
  • I coach and guide women of all ages – young females, CEO’s of large Organisations and women on Boards
  • I speak at Conferences within Australia and internationally on a regular basis
  • I write e-books and international media articles

Caryn Walsh – ‘Australia’s answer to Oprah Winfrey!

Natalie Welch, Manager, People and Culture, Challenge Community Services explains:

She’s Australia’s answer to Oprah Winfrey’. 

Audiences, clients, colleagues and friends describe Caryn as very funny, with endless energy and optimism, and an incredible joy for living and helping those around her become all they want to be.

She is, quite simply, one of those dynamos who greatly impacts those she meets in the most positive ways.

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Awards and Achievements

  • Coach: of the 2016 Australian CEO of the Year (APAC)
  • Finalist: 2015 Australian Learning and Development Professional of the Year Award (AITD)
  • Finalist: 2015 Australian Woman in International Business Award (Premiers NSW Export Awards)
  • Winner: 2016 Top Teams Creating and Sustaining High Performance (AITD)
  • Chair of the Organising Committee for the 2016 Stop the Violence Domestic Violence Conference
  • Conferences: Spoken at more than 400 Conferences over the last 20 years

The Wind Beneath my Wings

I am not alone. I am surrounded by the most wonderful team:

  • Gail Miller – there is nothing Gail cannot organise, get sorted, do fantastically well
  • Sue Nielsen – a keen observer of human behaviour, successful psychologist, Sue and I bounce ‘women ideas’ around
  • Dhwani Mathur – marketing guru, graphic designer, all posts, blogs and everything design needed
  • Ash and Beau - Social Media Gurus and there is nothing they can't do online. Nothing.