How to re-enter the workforce after a career break

For many women, re-entering the workforce after a career break – be it for maternity leave, taking a sabbatical or just taking time out from the daily pressures of life and workplace stress – can be daunting.  Hopefully you’re ready … Continued

How to manage the stress of social comparison

The stress of social comparison has been exacerbated in the modern age, especially as social media platforms increase our point of comparison and hold us to impossible standards. Often the most talented, wealthy or beautiful are the ones who have … Continued

You, an Emotionally Intelligent Woman

The notion of emotional intelligence was made famous by psychologist and author Daniel Goleman in the 1980s, but how does this apply to women and why is it important to us? Defined as the ‘ability to manage your emotions and … Continued

9 Ways to Survive the Stress of Valentine’s Day

Recognised as the ‘day of love’ around the world, Valentine’s Day – February 14th – is one where we are encouraged to honour our intimate relationship, accolade our life partner and give thanks and appreciation to our significant other. Initially … Continued

The Characteristics of an Empowered Woman

We’ve all seen what we think an empowered woman is.  She walks down the street or into a meeting, head held high, shoulders back, with a confidence in her walk that we often envy.  She just seems to know herself.  … Continued

Taking Control of Your Career

Some of you may be at a crossroads in your career right now and simply unsure which direction to take. Perhaps you’re just starting out, fresh from high school or University and are confused with how many choices there are and … Continued