Topic 4 A Woman in Business - Caryn Walsh

A Woman in Business

Almost a year in creation, the 9 stage Be Unstoppable Program has been carefully written and designed to take women everywhere on a journey of self-discovery to gain confidence, believe in themselves and live happy, empowered lives.

This post introduces Topic 4 – Woman in Business

Too many women take a ‘back seat’ in business.  On average, we are paid considerably less, we are frequently overlooked for promotion and often not taken seriously as we are the bearers of children and soon ….. ‘she’ll leave the workforce to raise kids anyway.’ Statistics say it all.This topic looks at how to be more impactful in your career, never taking your foot off the pedal.  Women have a significant contribution to make in the workforce and make sound and reliable leaders and team members. We are capable, competent and able and we need to claim our place at the Organisational table.

The Be Unstoppable Program has been written for all women, no matter where you are to help you take control of your life, feel more confident about you and gives you ways to become resilient, manage stress well and communicate more assertively.

The Be Unstoppable Program has been written for you. If not for you, then your daughter, sister, friend, mother, aunt