Women make Impact!

Women play a significant role in creating a more just and compassionate society and have a role to play in helping steer the world out of its modern day complexities and multi-layered complications. We need to stand up and be … Continued

It’s Time to Rise Sisters!

The role Empowered Women in an increasingly challenging world Let’s face it! The world ain’t doing so well right now.’ International poverty, terrorism, violence and wide-spread discontent face us on a daily basis. And we’re all concerned. Now, more than … Continued

The World will be saved by Women

The Dalai Lama said ‘the world will be saved by Women.’  Our new way of life requires so much of women today. We are mother, wife, manager, educator, friend, taxi driver, counsellor, mentor, daughter, coach, sister, neighbour, leader and cook … Continued

Your Attitude Is Everything!

Most important In life, in love, in work – your attitude is everything!  Most important, is your attitude to you and how you see you! Much of what we achieve (or don’t) is due to the way we think and … Continued

Don’t Let Fear Drive Your Agenda

Ten Things Women Are Afraid Of What are those ten things women are afraid of? Self-doubt, uncertainty and trepidation, to name only a few, are all parts of being in business, particularly in the early days when your world doesn’t … Continued

9 Steps to Personal Empowerment

Become the best you can be! We hear the world ‘empowerment’ thrown around so regularly today, that we may struggle to understand what it means as a Woman.  And equally important is how we can learn it. What is Personal … Continued

Don’t Ever Roll Over!

Don’t Ever Roll Over! Never roll over – For you know the scenario. You apply for the job, but don’t get it. You try your hand at a new hobby, but don’t feel you ‘have what it takes.’ Netball or … Continued

Picking Up The Pieces

Picking Up The Pieces So how do you pick up the pieces? You have two choices when your life is not working – you can either let life get on top of you and become depressed and find it hard … Continued