9 Steps to Personal Empowerment

Become the best you can be! We hear the world ‘empowerment’ thrown around so regularly today, that we may struggle to understand what it means as a Woman.  And equally important is how we can learn it. What is Personal … Continued

Don’t ever roll over!

You know the scenario.  You apply for the job, but don’t get it.  You try your hand at a new hobby, but don’t feel you ‘have what it takes.’  Netball or soccer used to be your thing but now you … Continued

Picking up the Pieces

You have two choices when your life is not working – you can either let life get on top of you and become depressed and find it hard to get back up OR you can acknowledge to yourself that you … Continued

Women Weary at Work?

We’re halfway through the year now, and chances are you’re feeling a little jaded.  Your new year’s resolutions seem so far away, the regular mini-breaks you promised to take this year seem a distant memory and ….. you’re back in … Continued

No wonder you’re called Wonder Woman!

You cook, you clean, you fetch and carry the kids, you wash the laundry, do all the washing, rush out to buy groceries so the family has a good meal, dash to the vet to take the sick cat for … Continued

Domestic Violence eats away at your very core!

With 1 in 3 women in Australia experiencing domestic violence at some point in their lives, and more than 70% of those women living in domestic violence having children in their care, domestic violence is becoming a national crisis.  In … Continued

Do you know your true north?

Top tips on becoming an empowered & empowering leader from 2016 Australian CEO of the Year Viv Allanson   One of the CEO’s I coached in 2016, Viv Allanson, CEO of Maroba Aged Care Services in Newcastle was recently awarded … Continued

I hate the way I look!

Alarmingly 67% of young women 18 – 24 have a negative body image, concerned that they are ‘too fat’, ‘too unattractive’ and ‘not sexy enough.’ Negative self-talk is a major problem in self-image and lowers a woman’s – Self-worth Self-esteem … Continued

Let’s Get Real!

Christian conference attendees walk out after speakers suggest women should grow their hair long and defer to men at work ABC News reported that last weekend several thousand Australian women flocked to an evangelical Christian conference in Sydney, devoted to … Continued