Empowering Women to Become Successful in Business

We’re living in a very different world we lived in even as recently as five years ago.

International poverty, terrorism, violence and widespread discontent face us daily.

There is much focus on reducing the horror of domestic violence, and attempting to ensure greater gender equality in workplaces is achieved, with a specific focus on more women in leadership positions and in recruitment, by attracting them to male-dominated industries, such as construction and trades.

Women – stepping up as a force

In recent research by Robert Walters, it was shown that 88% of females in Australia feel that women are under-represented in leadership positions in business. However, Organisations that offer a mentoring or coaching Program at senior management levels, and who track progress and reward women who succeed, will greatly assist in reducing gender inequality and gender bias that exist in businesses today and increase gender diversity.

However, in addition to policies and strategies to assist women to thrive at work, women around the world need to step up and be a force with which to be reckoned, by creating a future filled with collaborative opportunities and endless positive possibilities for themselves, at all levels of society and businesses.

Easier said than done. But in our homes, at work, in communities, societies and nations, the time has come for every one of us to contribute towards creating a world that will thrive for centuries to come with women playing a more equal role and contributing more and all levels.

This means growing our self-confidence, learning how to stand up and speak out, continue to advocate for gender equality and stand against gender bias, discrimination and injustice.

Empowering Women to Thrive at Work

Gender bias is still alive and well and prevalent in many workplaces today. Business leaders  need to be upskilled into understanding how they can change the gender inequality at all levels in the workplace, with a firm focus on developing women at all levels who show promise, initiative and want to grow in the Organisation, in whatever role.

Women make impact in businesses not only as leaders, but down the line and in all roles.  Whilst it will take decades (80 years apparently) to become a more gender equal society, there is much we, as women, can do to move towards reducing gender inequality and move the world towards equal opportunity for both genders, all races and creeds.

What must we learn to be successful at work?

Key skills include

  1. Professional empowerment
  2. Leading with impact
  3. Having courageous conversations with difficult people
  4. Self-Confidence
  5. Emotional Intelligence at work
  6. Assertive communication skills
  7. Dealing with conflict well
  8. Increasing resilience at work
  9. Negotiating effectively
  10. Managing stress well and enjoying a work-life balance
  11. Presentation skills – being confidence to stand and deliver mind-blowing presentations

Each woman can add impact in her own way, starting in her own small patch. By building their skills and competence and committing to being capable in key roles where they can make impact, women will continue to hold their own in workforces around the world.


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