Wonderful or Weary? Top causes of stress for working women

Ever get to work feeling it’s just all too much?

You seem to do it all.

Besides at home (where you cook, clean, wash, fetch and carry the kids) you walk into work feeling as if you’re doing it all again.

But in a different way.

And then you wonder why you feel tired and even exhausted all the time.

The Problem

  • According to a Stress and Wellbeing survey last year commissioned by The Australian Psychological Society (APS) to examine the wellbeing of working Australian women, one in four reported moderate to severe levels of stress.
  • The Report found men and women have different reactions to stress, both physically and mentally, with working Australians overall reporting significantly lower workplace wellbeing in 2013 compared with findings in previous years.

Source: https://www.womensagenda.com.au/guilt-free-zone/health


Top causes of stress for women

  1. Household responsibilities – the balance is not shared evenly, with recent research indicating that women do more than double the amount of work performed by men at home.
  2. Work-life balance – women struggle the most trying to fit it all in, particularly if she works full-time.
  3. Friendships and family life –  47 percent of working women surveyed stated family issues as an ongoing form of stress.
  4. No job satisfaction – the APS Survey explained that more men are likely to be involved in their jobs and find it ‘more satisfying’ than women. Out of 326 respondents, women had much less work satisfaction than men do.
  5. Carer stress – more than 38 percent of women are concerned about, and caring for, the health of others.  Women make up the highest number of people caring for others in Australia.
  6. Competitive stress at work – of those surveyed, 67 percent of working women feel their lives are out of control and are exhausted. Many feel their peers work against each other, as opposed to being supportive of each other and helping the whole team achieve its goals.


How to make stress your friend

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Possible Solutions

Women need support.  Much more support than they currently get.

Do you have balance?  Do you factor you as the most important person in your life (you should) because if you don’t, will others do so for you?

  • At home: Get more help from family members or if they are not willing, hire in the help. You cannot do it all.
  • At work:  Delegate to others and learn to say no.  Too often we take on more than we can cope with, and that places us under increased stress and pressure
  • Your health: Make your health your most critical priority.  Without your health, you have nothing.
  • Take a back step.  Think about how you are living. Celebrate all the good things you do and make sure that if you want to be a Wonder Woman, be a healthy one.

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