How to Identify Emotional Abuse

Countless women over the years have come to see me about their relationships that are not working – the couple is no longer ‘getting along’, conflict is ever present, violence is often lurking and overall, they are desperately unhappy. The … Continued

6 Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

Relationships form part of what we, as humans, do each and every day.  Relate with each other.  Connect.  Without relationships, we would struggle to thrive and whilst some seem so great at them, others struggle. Relationships are a necessary part … Continued

How to get over a break-up: Moving on

Let’s face it.  Break-ups hurt.  And for many of us – a lot! Often, it’s the rejection that makes us ache and the realisation that the person we pinned our hopes on to spend the rest of our lives with … Continued

Strong Leading Females: Inspiring Australian Women

History is littered with inspiring and successful female leaders, all of whom were (and are) prominent and made and still make impact on those around them.  Successful women. Successful female leaders. Empowered women.  And they were not necessarily in the … Continued

Positive-Self Talk: Why it’s important

Every single person has them, every single day. Self-talk are the thoughts we have and the things we say to ourselves about everything we experience in life. Women who have negative-self talk allow themselves to see things in a negative … Continued

Your Story Matters: Why You’re Important

Looking at the billions of people on the planet, it’s often overwhelming to think that every single person has a family, a history, a story that shapes their life and makes them who they are. We’re born into families, tribes … Continued

Don’t let your past dictate your future

We all carry baggage.  Sometimes it’s a big suitcase, crammed with regrets and remorse about things we feel guilty about, or sorry for doing, or regret having said.  Other times, it’s a smaller case, loaded with bad vibes from our … Continued